For the safety of everyone in the pool all children under the age of 4, even if they are potty trained, must wear at least one non-disposable swim diaper

One option is to wear a snug fitting Happy Nappy and we will allow this to be used as a single layer. All other products will require a double layer (either a swim diaper with a non-disposable over, or two non-disposable swim diapers).

The non-disposable is the best option to prevent a solid stool from entering the pool when it is snug fitting.  The non-disposable diaper must pass the two-finger test (if 2 fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water). Non-disposable swim diapers are available for purchase through us. In addition, some students who have shown a tendency to have an accident in the pool may be required to wear special clothing for containment (adult size rubber pants). By registering I agree to follow the policy.  If a child under the age of 4 is found not properly layered, I understand they will be removed from class and allowed to return once in compliance with the policy.

 Please respect our policy as we strive to provide our customers with the cleanest and safest facility possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support on this matter.



If my child is potty trained and turning 4 next month, do they have to wear one? If so why?

Until the child is 4, all children must abide by the policy even if potty trained. We want our pool to be as clean as possible for all of the children and staff. The layers help to contain any accidents from entering the pool. If an accident were to happen we’d have to close our facility, in some cases up to 12 hours, which is inconvenient to our customers.

Thank you for helping us keep our pool clean and safe!