Little Flippers Swim School is opened and confident that we can provide a safe environment for your children to continue their swimming journey.

  • The CDC issued guidance that it is safe to swim as the virus cannot be spread via properly chlorinated and maintained pool water.  Every Little Flippers Swim School pool meets or exceeds the health standards set by the CDC.
  • Here is a LINK to the CDC direction on swimming and pool water.
  • Likewise, HERE is an article outlining how the virus cannot be spread in a properly maintained pool.
  • Since its inception, Little Flippers Swim School has been at the forefront of building and maintaining pools that fight the spread of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, as well as the flu and other common childhood viruses.
  • Providing a safe and clean environment is why Little Flippers Swim School has invested heavily in the infrastructure of our pools.
    • In addition to the appropriate use of chlorine, each pool has a high-quality UV water purification system that keeps the water clean. When water is pumped through our UV system, ultraviolet light rays kill dangerous germs and inactivates viruses.
    • Little Flipper’s cutting-edge air filtration systems continuously expel stale air from the pool room and replace it with 100% ambient, fresh air at a rate of 8 times per hour.
    • Our dehumidifiers have features like antimicrobial filters and controls that enable us to maintain healthy humidity levels that reduce the survival of bacteria and viruses.
    • Little Flippers Swim Schools are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that monitors pool chemicals electronically and, in addition, we perform scheduled and documented manual water tests throughout the day to maintain healthy and balanced pools.
    • Little Flippers pools are permitted by the governing Health Departments and are periodically inspected without notice by local authorities.


  • We have always followed CDC cleaning protocols and those set out by other health professionals and authorities.  We also use CDC recommended cleaning products.
  • The facility will be wiped down throughout the day as swim families come and go every 30 minutes, including high traffic areas and all door handles, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.
  • The use of pool toys in our lessons is being scaled back and all toys and equipment that may be used will be disinfected between uses.
  • A local cleaning service performs a nightly deep clean of the facility using only commercial-grade cleaning supplies approved by the CDC.  Additional deep cleans will be utilized as needed or recommended. 
Face Coverings In and Out of the Pool
    • Face coverings will continue to be required for all staff and instructors. Our instructors will continue to wear face shields while in the pool.  Masks are mandatory for All Winchester Families over the Age of 2 – Per Board of Health. For Natick families, children between the ages of 2 and 12 are required to wear face coverings outside of the pool and we recommend that vaccinated and  unvaccinated individuals continue to wear face-coverings.
Protective Barriers 
      • Reception desks will be equipped with protective acrylic barriers. 
Hand Sanitizer 
      • Available at check in and throughout the facilities at various touchpoints.
      • If you child wears googles, we ask that you please bring your own goggles. For the time being, Little Flippers Swim School will no longer let children borrow goggles.  For your convenience, we will have goggles for sale at the reception desk.
      • Please bring your own towel.  For the time being, Little Flippers Swim School will no longer let anyone borrow a towel. Sorry!
Protective Layers
      • Please bring your own protective layers.  For the time being, Little Flippers Swim School will no longer let anyone borrow a non disposable diaper or happy nappy.  We will have those items for sale in the proshop.
Changing Facilities
      • We are encouraging the “Wrap & Go” system whenever possible to keep the number of families in the changing room and facility down. We do understand this may not always be possible, especially as the weather changes.
      •  Our changing rooms will be open and available for use. There will be cards hanging on the door with a green symbol indicating that the changing rooms are clean and ready for use. Please only use changing rooms with a green card displayed.
      • Once you are finished in the changing stall, the student or parent should turn the card over to the red symbol to indicate it needs to be sanitized.
      • Our staff members will be cleaning and sanitizing the changing areas during each class.
Capacity Guidelines
      • We continue to follow local and state recommendations for how many people will be allowed in our facilities and lessons are scheduled to meet and adhere to these requirements. 
Little Flippers Swim School has two different options for your children. Each lesson option will allow you to utilize your credits and/or make ups as either full or a partial payment for the class type selected.  A brief overview of the four options follows below:
    1. Traditional Group – No more than 4 children per class with a teacher who has their mouth and nose covered.
    2. Private Lessons – one child with one teacher who has their mouth and nose covered.
We are asking only one caregiver per family.
  • My other child who is not swimming, and I have no other option then to bring them- if your family has no other choice, bring the sibling and keep them close to you.
  • My 2 children swim one after another.  What can I do with them when not swimming?  Keep them close to you and respect social distancing.
  • If a baby swims with one parent, can the other parent attend?  We prefer one parent per child. 
  • We understand there may be situations where 2 adults are needed and if capacity number permit we will allow it on a case by case basis. Thank you for understanding.
  • If you have visited Little Flippers Swim School and have come in close contact with anyone who has experienced symptoms, we ask that you please notify the school immediately before returning. You may be asked to obtain medical clearance before returning to the swim school.
  • Any individual with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is asked to notify us and remain out of the swim school until receiving written medical clearance to return.
  • If you have traveled outside of the country or been in contact with anyone who has, or with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or any flu-like virus, please notify the school immediately before returning. You may be asked to obtain medical clearance before returning to the swim school.
  • In general, if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of any illness, we ask that you fully recover before returning to the swim school.
  • Little Flippers is continuously updating its safety measures so you may see additional precautions being implemented or existing protocols modified at the school.

Little Flippers pools are some of the cleanest and safest places for your children and our instructors.