Little Flippers Swim School specializes in swimming instruction using The Four Pillars of Swimming™ progressive curriculum that emphasizes correct technique and general water safety. Developed using guidelines established by The United States Swim School Association, each lesson incorporates appropriate activities that enable children to build character, accept challenges, and develop confidence.

Our goal is to teach all of our students to truly LOVE THE WATER to the point that they could LIVE IN THE WATER. This means feeling free and safe in the water. This means feeling balanced and comfortable in the water. We want them to feel this forever!

We encourage year round participation to develop strong swim and personal water safety skills and to give children the regular opportunity to enjoy physical activity in the water.  Our structured weekly lessons   focus on skill attainment and allow for continuous fun by building on the imaginations of the young children!


By participating in programs at Little Flippers children will:

  • Learn to experience comfort in the water environment.
  • Learn water safety especially the concept of getting back to the wall and rolling front to back.
  • Learn breath control in the water (by practicing blowing bubbles and breath holding).
  • Gain greater control of their movement in water through a variety of arm and leg movements.
  • Educate children and parents on general water safety and foster habits of happy experiences in the water to enjoy swimming for a lifetime.
  • Develop strength, confidence, and the skills necessary to swim.
  • HAVE FUN!!!


4 pillers small


Our Goals for Each Level

Swim Stars Prep and Level 1 Goals Primary Pillar
1. Independent submerging  Breath Control
2. Back floating  Buoyancy and  Balance
3. Front floating  Buoyancy and  Balance
4. Independent kicking with the use of equipment  Movement
5. Independent swimming with a variety of arm and leg combinations  Movement
6. Introduction to Roll Overs  Safety
7. Jump, Turn and Climb  Safety



Level 2 Goals Primary Pillar
1. Refined submerging  Breath  Control
2. Independent gliding and kicking on the front  Buoyancy and  Balance
3. Independent gliding and kicking on the back  Buoyancy and  Balance
4.  Swimming on the front using a variety of arm and leg combinations and roll overs  Movement
5. Swimming on the back using simple arm and leg movements  Movement
6. Swimming on the front using a variety of arm and leg combinations pop ups  Movement
7. Jump, Float and Climb  Safety


Level 3 Goals Primary Pillar
1. Introduction to surface dives  Breath  Control
2. Swimming longer distances, using roll overs to rest  Movement
3. Swimming longer distances and popping up for a breath when needed  Movement
4. Refining the Elementary Backstroke  Movement
5. Introduction to Freestyle  Movement
6. Introduction to Breaststroke  Movement
 7.Jump, Swim and Climb  Safety


Level 4 Goals Primary Pillar
1. Refining surface dives Breath Control
2. Streamline kicking on the front using a variety of kicks  Buoyancy and Balance 
3. Perfecting Freestyle Movement
4. Perfecting Breaststroke Movement
5. Introducing Backstroke Movement
6. Introducing Dolphin Kick Movement
7. Jump, Tread and Climb Safety