Summer Day Program, Natick

 Make your child’s Summer 2017 the BEST EVER by choosing the SWIM & GYM Summer Day program!

Come join the fun and excitement at the best local activity based movement education facility specifically designed for children. It’s clean; it’s safe, and perfect for parents looking for flexible programs. Whether you are looking for gym activities, swim activities or a combination of both, you can have it. Register for an individual day, half day or attend a full week. FREE healthy snack provided for morning participants and FREE popsicles provided for afternoon participants. To add even more to the fun, weekly thematic events will happen all summer long. We LOVE kids and the Planet Gymnastics/Little Flippers Swim School Staff will ensure your child’s summer will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!


  • Child must be at least 4 years old and potty trained.

Program Hours and Pricing:

  • NEW THIS YEAR, no charge for early 8am drop off. Late pick up is available 4pm to 6pm for $10/hr.
  • Our Full Week / Full Day Program meets from 8 am – 4 pm; Monday – Friday and the price is $550 per week (promotional pricing from January 16 – March 16 is $500 – No additional discount apply to this promotional price). 
  • Our Full Week / Half Day Program meets from 8 am -12 pm or 12 pm – 4 pm; Monday – Friday and the price is $325 per week (registration available beginning March 17th).
  • Our Individual Day Program meets from 8 am – 4 pm; Monday – Friday and the price per day is $120 (registration available beginning March 17th).
  • Our Half Day Program meets from 8 am – 12 pm or 12 pm – 4pm; Monday – Friday and the price per half day is $65 (registration available beginning March 17th).
  • For information regarding sibling discounts please email:


  • Full Payment is due at the time of registration and refunds will only be issued two weeks before the program start date. All cancellations and refund requests must be done online.
  • Payments will post to your account upon registration  and the discount will be calculated before charged.

What to Bring:

  • Full Day Participants must bring a Lunch.  A FREE healthy snack will be provided for morning participants and FREE popsicles will be provided for afternoon participants.
  • Swim Suit – We recommend one-piece bathing suits for girls and swim trunks or Speedos for boys. Rash guards are okay. No t-shirts, shorts, or sewn-in floats allowed. No swim aids (inflatables, etc.) of any kind are allowed at any time, as they can actually be a drowning risk.  Sea Turtles and Sharks will need two swim suits.
  • Towels are not provided, please pack accordingly. We recommend at least one towel per child, but Sea Turtles and Sharks should bring two.
  • Goggles are recommended but not required.  They are  helpful in getting a child to submerge and gain comfort while doing so.  We offer a variety of goggles at our pro shop so you will be sure to find a pair you like. Please note that instructors will lead some skills without the use of goggles.
  • Swim Caps and / or Hair Elastics.  All children with long hair (touches the shoulders) must have their hair pulled back. Swim caps may be purchased at the pro shop or at any sporting goods retailer.
  • An extra set of dry clothing.
  • Girls: Please bring either a leotard or shorts and a T-shirt for the gym.
  • Boys: Please bring shorts and a T-shirt for the gym.
  • PLEASE NO: glass containers of any kind, jeans, belt loops, baggy clothes, jewelry or footed tights. Please make sure that all long hair is tied back. All children will be asked to take off their shoes and socks while at the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are there any other options available other than Full Week / Full Day?  YES!  We will be offering Full Week / Half Day, Individual Days and Single Days.  Registration for these additional options will begin on March 17th.
    2. Are the facilities allergy friendly (i.e. Nut Free)? No.  We provide nut free snacks and will make every attempt to separate the participants during mealtime.  
    3. What activities will my child enjoy through each day?   

4 3 2 1   YOU PICK THE FUN!

  • MONKEYS: 4 parts to the day exclusively spend flipping and swinging around the gym.
  • CROCODILES: A majority of the day (3 parts) spent actively moving at Planet Gymnastics with a daily opportunity to visit and enjoy the warm water at Little Flippers for a Swim Lesson.
  • PENGUINS: Equal time spent in gym activity and swim activity. (2 parts each) Nonstop movement at both Planet Gymnastics and Little Flippers.
  • SEA TURTLES: Water lovers spend a majority of the day doing swim activities and still have the opportunity to visit Planet Gymnastics (1 part of the day) for a daily gymnastics lesson.